Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors – Denver Pain Management

Your first and only stop for a Pain Management Clinic in Denver, Colorado

Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors is your premier choice for a Denver pain management clinic. We offer a unbeatable experience in pain management. We provide meaningful information regarding your choices in dealing with your pain. We provide specialist referrals including acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and disability determinations as well as prescription medications and medical marijuana referrals.

At Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors, we come to work every day to offer our clients one thing above all else, choice. We strive to provide our patients with a variety of different methods and tools that they can use to improve their life and situation. We are one of a small number of pain management clinics that offer medical marijuana referrals because we have seen studies showing the benefits of marijuana on chronic pain. We have also heard from our patients on the ways that marijuana has been beneficial to them for their pain. We hope this gives our patients a better chance at a life with less pain.

What are your pain management options in Denver?

As you know, Colorado is one of a growing number of states which approve medical marijuana for use as a treatment for pain.  Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors offers a range of superior options to pain patients.  While we offer a traditional range of pain management treatment including pharmacological pain management, massage, physical therapy and more, we also offer medical marijuana recommendations.  While some people definitely need treatment with stronger medications, some of our patients have opted to try using medical marijuana as an alternative or an additional method of pain management.  Some patients like the added flexibility and the ability to choose a medication based upon lesser side effects and greater positive impact.  We do not limit your options.  Some pain clinics will stop treating traditional pain management patients due to the presence of THC in the blood, but at MMD we consider marijuana as a viable pain management option and do not force patients to choose one or the other.  We are one of few Denver pain management clinics to offer such flexibility.