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Medical Marijuana

Cannabis has historically been accessed for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments.


Pain Management

Prescription medications offer a consistent and reliable form of relief for a myriad of painful conditions.


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Cannabis and prescription medication may be prohibited or contraindicated in some cases. Need answers?

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Medical Marijuana Doctor Reviews

  • We refer all of our customers to MMD Doctors. They have extremely nice staff! Very informative and friendly to talk to. Dr. Hong was great! They have a very clean facility. I made an appointment and my co-worker and I were both out in less than an hour.

    (AMCH Denver)
  • The entire staff at MMD is terrific, especially Dr. Hong. I have been suffering from multiple lower back injuries for years and could never find consistent, continuous care due to most doctors fearing of long lasting pharmaceutical treatment and CO's new medication laws.

    (Joe H.)
  • Came here for my renewal. They moved to a new office, much better than last year. Great staff. Quick and easy, was in and out in about 25 minutes. They took care of everything, including the state fee and mailing for a reasonable price. Overall a great experience.

    (Heather G.)
  • Last year I went to a clinic that isn't even around anymore! This office was great all around!! Dr. Hong was friendly and knew his stuff! The people at the front were very helpful and speedy, and caught the error I put on my application. I got a package that took care of the whole thing, I didn't have to wait in line at the post office like last year. Thanks MMD, I'll be back next year!

  • I think this clinic is great because of the doctor. Dr. Hong is fair and listens to your concerns. The staff is courteous and friendly. I recommend this clinic for pain management.

    (Brian K.)